SAOL introduces Egyptian Cotton

SAOL introduces Egyptian Cotton

Dec 13th 2023

We’re back with yet another innovative move designed to foster new business opportunities for our customers and encourage sustainable practices, creativity, and timeless craftsmanship. You already know SAOL Knitwear as abrand that is constantly developing for the better, and once again, we’re proving it. This time SAOL is introducing luxurious Egyptian cotton into our knitwear collection!

With the same high-quality feel, but different properties than wool, this new addition offers our customers the chance to expand their customer base and appeal to various tastes and preferences. The versatility of the material, its qualities, and the styling options available for our Egyptian cotton garments ensure that your customers will easily find their match all year round.

We decided to expand our selection with Egyptian cotton because of its incredibly soft feel and durability. Usually grown along the River Nile in Egypt, this type of cotton has long fibers that give it a light feel while keeping it strong. It absorbs colors very well which allows us to deliver vibrant shades and colorful patterns, and this type of cotton doesn’t pill. Different from other luxuriously feeling materials, Egyptian cotton can be machine washed so it makes the caring process a little easier as well. Catering to the needs of a client base that wants a luxurious product with less worry. With all these properties in mind and the best interest of our customers, SAOL Knitwear has already introduced two products made out of Egyptian cotton.

Thistle Scarf

Our Thistle Scarf is a versatile piece that can be worn as a shawl, wrap or scarf. The soft, luxurious feel of Egyptian cotton combined with its modern design, lightweight feel, and versatility makes this knitwear product the perfect accessory for every season. Designed with the symbol of Scotland, the Scottish Thistle, this piece is as much cultural as it is stylish. Representing bravery, loyalty and endurance, the Scottish Thistle has been a historical symbol of Scotland with legends saying it helped the country in battles. It pays homage to Scottish heritage while giving you a modern and easy to wear design. It comes in two color combinations, a white-gray cooler toned one and a beige-brown warm blend.

Newgrange Fern Wrap

The Newgrange fern wrap is another stylish piece made out of Egyptian cotton that you can find at SAOL Knitwear. With the same versatility, this garment can be a scarf, a wrap or a shawl, being comfortable in any way you decide to wear it. Egyptian cotton is the perfect material for scarves due to its no pilling property and its soft, lightweight feel. But what makes this scarf even better is the Fern design that adds cultural and historical significance to it. Fern is a plant associated with growth, good fortune, love and light. Its stone depictions can be traced down way back in the history of Irish insular art, serving as a way for locals to express their life, beliefs and illustrate their surrounding nature. Fern leaf carvings can be found even today, in the passage tomb at Newgrange, as a great example of Irish insular art. In addition to its deep meaning, Fern’s feather shape makes it a symmetrical pattern that fills the entire scarf.

Our journey is still ongoing and we have more planned for the future. Please keep an eye out for our product updates and new designs. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on our products, as we want to provide what’s best for our business and yours.